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Had to share this great shot taken by Cliff DesPeaux at the last  Puppy Sunday.
Jaz and Paschetta's pups had a great Puppy Sunday! We discovered that Trace loves toys. He trucked around with his new fuzzy tennis ball all afternoon. The babies took almost the entire afternoon to run down. It won't be long before there won't be any nap times!

After our nap everyone was ready for some chow. Several of the kids have to stand in their chow before they can eat it- little feet connected to mouth- only way it works...
This handsome guy is Ein Wyble. He's about to undergo a surgery to remove something that has lodged itself up within his nasal passages that blocks his ability to breathe. It's been a long, expensive road to his diagnosis for his family and they would greatly appreciate any help the corgi community might be able to offer. If you can  help please go to

Thanks so much!
Lola's handsome, singleton puppy "Ranger" recently  graduated from his puppy class with more classes to follow. His Dad confessed that a few of his commands are still a work in progress; but what self-respecting corgi would ever do the same exercise the same way twice?

The puppies spill out of their basket and head out to visit everyone gathered for Puppy Sunday at Evanwhit! Two of their "aunties" look on as the little ones zoom out across the living room at top speed. Jaz and Paschetta's pups are a little over 4 weeks old.