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Maeve's babies are 5 weeks old and we thought it would be a good time for their first little portraits. The top four are the girls. 

Just in case there are any doubts, Maeve's girls are out and about too! This little one is showing her Momma's focus as she learns all about new games and friends. Thanks to Whitney Gretch for the great photos!
It's a big job to meet new friends and play with brothers and sisters! Sometimes a boy needs to lay down for a quick rest. Thanks Cami for the cute picture.
Jaz's boy and little sister are very good at expressing how much they would love to come out and play with you!

Maeve's pups got their first nail-trim today! Couldn't resist a little tummy tickle afterwards

Maeve got a quick comb out since she's now into the post-litter complete coat-dump stage. A girl ought to look her best for Puppy Sunday visiting day!

Many others in the yard enjoyed watching the puppies play too!
It was a busy day for Maeve's pups as they took part in their first "Puppy Sunday".  They had to take a nice, long nap half way thru and a break for lunch with Mom. At 3 weeks the world is getting larger!

Maeve kept a close eye on everyone and the babies but also enjoyed all the attention.
Evanwhit's newest Canadian citizen, "Bella"! Mom Lori says Bella has adjusted very well to her new daily schedule of going to work with Mom and entertaining all concerned.
This is one of Maeve's boys- now 2 weeks old! They're just opening their eyes this week... which makes them even faster at locating Mom whenever she enters the whelping box. Their little noses have been working very well thank-you almost from the very beginning. Puppy noses are amazing!