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Tickets for Crufts!

Friday night, after spending awhile on our computers trying to understand the pricing for tickets, Barb proposed that we set up a conference call to England to get all our questions answered. So at midnight, with the help of a very patient Brit, we got our tickets all lined up! I must say this isn't a project for the faint of heart! It's amazing how easily we can misunderstand words in our own language. Their website indicated that "concessions" were 10 pounds, which led me to think that we'd have to pay an admission fee to enter the food court for a Coke and sandwich for lunch! Whhaaaaat? The Brit translation for that word means that they offer 10 pounds off for seniors or child tickets. Whew..... we like their translation much better!

A Place to Stay!

We've got our reservations for two Bed and Breakfast's! For the first 5 days we'll be staying in Coventry at "Highcroft Guest House"- about a 45 minute bus ride from  the Crufts Dog Show. And yes, we'll be using public transport for the whole trip to stretch our budget. We'll be within walking distance from both the train station and the bus. Coventry is a good location for a number of things we'd enjoy seeing as well. Once the show is over we'll be relocating to Birmingham to another Bed and Breakfast, "Elm Cottage" for the remainder of our 2 week adventure. From there we'll do day trips to as much as our energy-level allows!

Where to go?

There are so many wonderful sights we'd love to
see while we're in England! Personally I want to
visit at least one awesome castle and see as
much great art as I can get to. Jan and Barb
want to see the crown jewels. We'd all enjoy a
day in a town with all of it's 16th century
architecture restored! And what about Wales
sitting right next door to Birmingham? Where
did I put those guide-books I picked up at
Rick Steve's place?

The Run-Up

Well, the decision has been made and the list of to-do's has been growing since last fall. The final passport application has been sent in and the airline reservations made. Looks like we'll be leaving Seattle and stopping over in Amsterdam on our way to Birmingham, England. I wonder if I'll be able to ever straighten my legs again after sitting all the way to Europe?