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From back in February....

Hi Barb!
Our lil puppy (still no name)  really had a blast in the snow zipping around in it.  She is so funny, when she eats she takes food out of her bowl,  throws it on the floor and picks out only the little bits she likes.  I think its the shredded chicken out of the pro plan that she is favoring.  I need to figure out how to get her to not do that.  Maybe I will try to find a sample of the beef version and see if she still does that.  

Chase is really enjoying the puppy and says he loves her.  The cat is coming around a bit, still stays clear of her but I think once he realize she is here to stay they will eventually be friends.  Old dog is teaching her in his own way best he can how to carry on his skills.

I hope your week is going well.

Sookie, Pucca and Dad
My bed
The vet's no big deal...
 Sookie is so funny, in many ways she's mellow by letting us pick her up and snuggle her, but she can be mischevious by stealing our shoes here and there! Also she's very brave- she figured out getting up and down the porch steps in 10 seconds and now she practically flies off of them. She was hilarious at the vet-we couldn't believe it. She stood completely still for the temperature, and then she pretty much started to fall asleep on the vet's table. I've included the picture. 

Anyhow, things are going generally well, just working on potty training and such- typical puppyhood.  We're so impressed with how seldom she play-bites us. She's a good girl

Hope things are well with the rest of your corgis!

Thank you,
Hannah & Ben Yim

Luna (aka Dudi)
  Out shopping with Mom
Hello Barb!
I know it's almost six months into Luna (Dudi's new name) and I's relationship so I'm sorry for sending this so late into her new life. She is thriving, being a great companion! Luna gets to come to work with me to this peer counseling lounge where she is admired and petted by visitors and co-workers. She gets very excited when we get off work and races around the campus square. Luna has a few doggie friends whom she chases and gets chased by. She obliges being on a longboard (a large skateboard) while I push her along around the neighborhood on sunny days. She has two furry roommates- two cats, one of whom tries to play with her a lot. 
She loves hikes around the Sound and has been very cultured through visits to the East coast, art museums. parades, cafes, special guest speakers, and other fun events. 
Attached are some photos! I hope you are doing well!