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Showing posts from November, 2013
Today was our trip down to Olympia to get Maeve and Jazz's hips and elbows xray'd . Everything started out well enough... as we were slowing down for a red light on hwy 512... WHAM... we were slammed into from behind. Barb immediately jumped out to check on the dogs in their crates riding in the back of the van. As I turned around to see what had happened I heard "interesting" language as Barb hauled with both arms to get the jammed doors open. Luckily that big ol' blue van is a tough box to crack and all that was damaged (so far as we could tell) was the bumper which was bent up a bit making it hard to open the doors. The car behind us had run squarely into the hitch receiver and bumper. After exchanging info, we continued on to our appointment and lunch out! The vet said the xrays looked good and everyone is OK. Hopefully our next vet visit won't be quite so eventful...
Here's something we didn't expect! Ranger, as an only child, doesn't quite get the concept of solid food ( ground up puppy chow mixed with milk/formula)! He's willing to try it out of curiosity but when it comes to "food" all he wants is his bottle of formula. There's no bro's and sis's to compete with over the consumption of a pan of mush, so he just ignores it. He gets a bottle morning and evening and has a pan of mush available the rest of the day. By 5 weeks corgi pups are usually little eatting machines! I doubt he'll ever know he's a dog! Sure hope he doesn't think he's a stuffed tiger... (his constant snuggle companion in the whelping box).
Ranger looking to play after his evening bottle. Splenda has taken him under her wing for short play sessions, tolerating his bouncing advances and puppy nips.
Kristina Drzaic's puppy "Poe" shows awesome herding instinct in this youtube video!

Here's the Lone "Ranger" making his case for an immediate warm milk bottle to be delivered to his basket ASAP... play time to follow as needed!