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from KOMO news:
Neighborhood 'R' Crawl Starting in Georgetown, the new Rainier 'R' traveled to different neighborhoods in Seattle including Queen Anne, Ballard, Fremont, Belltown and Capitol Hill. The neighborhood 'R' Crawl was a kickoff event for Restore the R that will feature the Rainier 'R' returning to the top of the Old Rainier Brewery on Thursday, October 24th. Learn more about the installation party at October 22nd 2013. (Joshua Lewis / KOMO News)
With great sadness...
Evanwhit's recent, much anticipated litter of puppies was born prematurly and after a week of 24/7 struggle have failed to thrive.
Evanwhit dog about town "Gus" and his best buddy,
Randy Earle, author of the blog "We will find a way"
Check them out for a unique view of Seattle!

This little guy always heads for the corner of the whelping box for his naps after feeding and warming up between the paws of his big stuffed tiger friend. Momma Lola doesn't have any milk, so he's a "hand-raised" baby!
Early this morning Evanwhit welcomed one beautiful, large, red and white male puppy thanks to momma Lola and Daddy Riff Raff.