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To quote Dr. Seuss, “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”
Boitano Mr. Easy, CGC "Brad" 2-21-2000 to 8-29-2014, my boy.  -P-

Well... this was a busy week for Maeve's and Jaz's litters- all in their new forever homes! We received a number of great pictures of the "kids" as they learn their new worlds.

Corbin has found new ways to relax into his TV time. Thanks Brittany.

Remy has begun her puppy class and is discovering new friends. Thanks Whitney.

For anyone who doubts that the pups don't have good memories... here's a picture of Remy greeting Barb on our last Puppy Sunday. It's always fun to come home for a visit to Grandma's!

Kate learned all about the wonderful new world of ocean sniffs at Birch Bay. She also discovered that it's hard to "romp" over sharp little barnacles and that just because it fits in your mouth doesn't mean it will taste good!
Leslie sent us some pictures of "Woodrow" .. the largest pup from Maeve's litter who seems to have moved right in and made himself at home! Mom says he's real good at holding down the rug! Well... it's a start!
This is a card "out of the past" of a corgi puppy. Look at the wooden pen! Cards used to come in packs of cigarettes as well as in decks of playing cards.
Meet "Remy"! She recently found her forever home with her Mom, Whitney who kindly sent us a few pictures from the 1st 24 hrs.

This is Corbin who works at Amazon with Mom, Brittany.

Hanging out while Mom has a meeting with the hoomans.

Break time out on the lawn.
For all those who've forgotten about those evil, sharp, little puppy teeth!
Evanwhit spent the day at the CPWCC Specialty in Olympia, WA

Big red girl, now "Kate" flaked out after a hard play session with Mom, "Maeve". Moving to our forever home, learning about new toys, how to go up and down a ramp, our big brother, "Brad" and chicken in our dinner- all very hard work for a puppy girl.

Mom brings out the "demon-child" in baby Kate!
Puppies are 10 weeks old and doing their best to remain cool in the summer heat between bouts of crazed playing!

Here's three of the girls and the big boy keeping an eye on the proceedings... got cookies?