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Couldn't resist lifting these shots off Becky S's facebook entry of "Chaucer" in all his fluffy glory after a bath- hard to believe it's the same boy! For those who have met the family, Chaucer is Splenda's brother and one huge, handsome dude.

Ranger visiting a new buddy who quickly has come to the realization that the little red and white guy likes to have things hisown way!
This is Bert, much loved boy of Tori and Kevin. He recently completed a wonderful RV trip with Mom and Dad all around the western US. These are a few of the pictures they shared with us.

Bert has been very ill but obviously loved his travels.

Welcome back home Bert!
Evanwhit Angel Serenade, "Lyric" went Reserve Winner's Bitch at the Tualatin Kennel Club, Inc.Showin Portland, Oregon today!

She enjoys herself very much in the ring.
Some more catching up on the beautiful photos sent by Evanwhit puppy families

This handsome lad is Dusty Morrow.

Cookies please...
"Lyric" with Mike at the Western WA Cluster- her second day with Mike and a 4th place in Open- yeah team!
Playing is exhausting work! This toy is no longer recognizable but still seems to have a few miles left in it.
Looking back thru my back-log of pictures... I'm trying to get caught up!

This handsome lad is Baxter with his Mom and Dad- The Engler's.

Baxter is one year old in these shots