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It took Barb and I about 30 pictures to catch this little guy! This is "Pup-Pup" or "Bomber" if you're Norwegian. His Momma is Freya so all of the litter carry Scandinavian handles as well as any subsequent titles/ names earned from daily activities.
Olaf's Mom, Jill, shared these great pictures of his first trip where he met uncle Mojo.

Looks like Mojo will be a great mentor for the "laid-back" life for our young lad!
Puppy parents Jamie and Daniel shared this great shot of "Riker" recently. How have they kept him from chewing up the neat bed?

Two of Maeve's girls, Kate and Cassie, now 5 months old with friend, Max before our puppy class session with Rhonda Coombs today. We learned that Kate appears to have a bit of her Grandma Jenny in her make-up when she laid down and threw a fit upon deciding she didn't want to continue loose-leash walking! We'll be working on this...
Tinker's son Wilbur enjoying time on Mom's lap after his evening bottle. This little man is a goer!
This is Quigley, Angie and Cliff's handsome Paschetta son on the day he went to his new home. He's now a monster teenager!

Caught up with puppy mom, Sherry, yesterday during our search for Paschetta. Sherry shared some stories and pictures of "Ringo", Paschetta's son.

Ringo and his new running mate, Razzy, are settling in nicely!
This has been a tough week. Paschetta has gone missing since last Sunday. After doing all the basics, the last few days have been spent out walking the woods with so many great volunteers. Each day has been long, hard and ................. heart wrenching. Chicken dinner with the dogs finally brought a smile at the end of the day.

Puppy Mom, Jill sent us some great pictures of Olaf in "recovery mode" after a high-energy morning!