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Showing posts from March, 2015
Visited babies at Evanwhit today. Had our first toe nail trim.

There's just nothing better than looking down to find a baby girl asleep in your lap.
Lyric going WB and BOW at Penninsula DF.
Thanks to Mike for handling! This was a 3 point major.
Lyric's done very well this spring! She took WB and BOW at Seattle Kennel Club.
Dudie's babies are now 2 weeks old and opening their eyes (when they're not in a full-tummy stupor). A couple are getting up and toddling around on all 4 feet for short bursts. Dudie is an awesome Mom!
Thanks to the Locke family for sharing this nice shot of Lucy and Russell- looks like we're hav'in fun!
Thot I'd add some more great pictures shared by Evanwhit puppy folks!

 Bella from Whidbey Island showing her big corgi grin

Riker Jackson enjoying his favorite lap!

Woodrow Hinea in his younger days.

Sorry it takes me so long to get things posted sometimes but we always love to see the babies and hear how they're doing! Thanks so much for sharing their pictures!
Dudie with her 4 babies and Lola's singleton, which Dudie says now belongs to her. Since Lola doesn't have any problem with this arrangement, looks like we'll go with it!