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Rail Passes

Another milestone today- we got our rail passes for England. We'll wait 'til we get over there to pick up our buss passes- cheaper that way. Barb has been traveling everywhere she goes with a very pregnant corgi who finally announced that this evening was THE TIME! So off we went after picking up our passes, to the vet for a c-section. An hour later we had a basket full of 8 puppies, 4 girls and 4 boys! What excitement! There are 5 red and whites and 3 tri-colors, all 10oz or more. Momma Jenny is doing well, altho' she's a bit confused about not having to be in her crate to get dinner. She forgets that the whelping box is in the bedroom still. It sure is a blessing that Barb has an experienced dog person for her house sitter while we're in England!