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Missy with her new “much loved” Christmas toys. All is well at Connie’s house!


Puppy “Luna” has happily settled in with big brother, “Moony” at the Jaxx household for her first Christmas 

Corgi Races 2018

Team Evanwhit participated in the Emerald Downs Corgi Races once again this year and crowned a new finalist, Lori and Bella! Congratulations. We were well represented by Olaf, Chunky, Anwyn and Bella. Lori took home Mariners tickets and memories of one more crazy Evanwhit experience!

Buster and Missy

One of the questions that often comes during puppy visiting days is "Will a corgi get along with my ________?" As everyone soon learns from Barb's collection of animals, as long as they're introduced when the puppy is young, there's not much that can't be worked out. The picture above is Connie's household, Buster the rabbit and Missy, best buddy!


Carla and Pete recently sent us images of "Dash" in his new home. This is Wilber and Jaz's wild child
 Looks like he's made himself right at home!

Sy and Peggy are at it again!

"SyGuy", Evanwhit Behold the Star, and Peggy Cobb in recent Spring agility trials, rolling along!

It's Puppy Sunday at Evanwhit!
 Jazz and Wilbur's kids are just about ready to go to their new homes and bent on enjoying their time together. We pulled out the water bottle pit for the first time with these pups and the chaos began.

 There were a few others who had something to say about all this craziness in the yard today.

How fast can we remove all these bottles?

Some of us don't want to share the bottle pit with our brothers and sisters; but persistence and puppy energy can beat all odds!
Bella, Bella, Bella!
The wonderful team of Lori and Bella are continuing their assault on the obedience world. Here she is with her recent CKC Top Rally Dog Award.


Some of the first pictures to come back from Lyric's much anticipated litter in their new homes. Liam is settling in nicely with Matt and Sarah.

There may be some doubts about wearing clothes however...

Hard to decide if it's an "ears up" or "ears down" day during growth spurts!