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Showing posts from November, 2014
Angie and Quigley in their first weekend of conformation shows at Whidbey Island Kennel Club show in Monroe. Saturday was a bit rough.. little dog with his head on a swivel.. but things began to come together on Sunday for a solid outing. Showing can be nerve-racking and seemingly subjective at times, but it flows when everything comes together! This will be a good team once they've found their groove and baby boy has grown up a bit more.
New puppy parents, Peter and Stef, sent us some photos of "Loki" in his new home. Looks like he moved right in and made himself at home! Loki's kitty sister is teaching him all the rules.
Hope everyone remembered to turn their clocks back. Kate is trying to stay up for our "normal" bedtime but is obviously a sleepy puppy.
One of the many decisions to consider... should I let them on the furniture or not? Well that's easy! If you're over 50, it's alot easier to cuddle when the dog can come to you, rather than having to bend down to the dog!