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Last week all the pups had their DM tests done. We're hoping to know the results by next weekend. The four girls all headed for the cool stone entry way for a nap part-way thru Puppy Sunday. The day was hot and everyone was playing full-out. It won't be long before everyone goes to their new homes!
Puppies are 8 weeks old and just had their first vaccination. This past week, with the first real run of summer heat, they've all learned to burrow under the mats in their play pen to get close to the cool dirt leaving the play pen empty to the casual eye except for a large lump in the matting!

With the addition of hamburger meat to their meals the puppies are growing like weeds showing more and more of the personalities they'll grow into. This is a "gentle" group compared to most litters- thoughtful and loving.
Maeve's pups are now 7 weeks and enjoying the great outdoors during their play sessions- new toys and things to do! Tweedie's singleton boy, Robin, who's 8 weeks old has now moved in with the litter and learning to be a member of a pack. He still finds it a little confusing at times having brothers and sisters.
The Chunky Monkey is growing up fast and beginning his show training. He experienced his first time up on a grooming table along with a quick brushing. He starts his handling class next week.

Paschetta, the Monkey's dad, kept an eye on the proceedings as Chunky danced around the table trying to figure out why he was up there.